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Nov 13, 2016, 3:01 PM
9th European Short Course on "Time-resolved Microscopy and Correlation Spectroscopy" - Feruary 28- March 2, 2017, Berlin-Adlershof, Germany - The course is intended for individuals wishing an in-depth introduction to the principles of time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and its applications to the Life Sciences. The event lasts three days and includes lectures in the morning and practical sessions in the afternoon. - Topics •Instrumentation and data analysis • Correlation methods: FCS, FCCS, FLCS, ... • Imaging methods: FLIM, FRET, FLIM-FRET, ... • STED super-resolution microscopy • Single molecule microscopy - Lecturers • Alberto Diaspro, University of Genova, Italy • Chris Dunsby, Imperial College London, United Kingdom • Jörg Enderlein, University of Göttingen, Germany • Mark Hink, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands • Fred Wouters, University of Göttingen, Germany • Andreas Buelter, PicoQuant GmbH, Germany - Practical sessions, participating companies and systems • Leica: TCS SP8 SMD • Nikon: A1R+ • Olympus: FluoView FV3000 • Zeiss: LSM 880 • PicoQuant: MicroTime 200 and MicroTime 200 STED - Registrations :
Jun 23, 2016, 3:01 PM
There will be a seminar about advancements in laser technology given by a representative from the laser company Spectra Physics. It will be held next week Friday, 25.10. at 13:15 in room 0013 Science III. The title of the presentation will be: “Seminar on multiphoton imaging with Insight DeepSee” The subject will be interesting for multiphoton confocal users and those who would like to learn about newest laser developments (please see attached flyer). Please register if you are interested as they are going to serve lunch (please find more info in this flyer).