Microscopy and imaging ->Course spring 2015

About 30 hours of lectures/Practicals


Workshop over one week


Bioimaging Center, Sciences II, room 245

Number of credits



  • BAUER Christoph Ruediger, biologiste/suppléant-e chargé-e de cours
  • BOSSET Jérôme, collaborateur Scientifique
  • Invited speakers


  1. Physical basis of microscopy
  2. Bright field microscopy
  3. Fluorescence microscopy
  4. Confocal microscopy
  5. Imaging of live samples
  6. Advanced methods (FRAP, FRET …)
  7. Qualitative and quantitative image analysis


Written exam

Additional information(s)

2 courses proposed every year, Automn (October) and Spring (April) semesters.

Course given in English, « cours à choix » open to 3rd year Biology or Biochemistry students, master students and graduate students. In order to be accepted students interested to take this course need to send a letter of motivation (by e-mail) at least three weeks before its start.

* le nombre de crédits peut être différent selon le plan d’étude